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Using Animation to Enhance Your Website Design

Animation has become an essential aspect of web design in recent years. It can be used to create a sense of interactivity, improve user engagement, and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a website. Animations can range from simple motion graphics to complex 3D animations, and they have the potential to transform the way users […]

Why Creative Designers Shouldn’t Fear The AI Revolution

It’s not going to swoop in and steal your job, okay? Artificial Intelligence is making its way into our lives and businesses every single day, which means it's time to adapt. With discussions of ChatGPT, Dall-E 2 and the rise of AI peppering the internet of late, it's raised a valuable question: If AI can […]

Boosting your Accounting as a Creative Freelancer

Working as a freelance creative can be a tough gig. If it's not juggling several tasks at once, it's chasing late invoices, frantically filing your tax return the night before the deadline or searching for that one missing receipt. Keeping on top of your accounting is a sure-fire way to remain organised, remain calm, and […]

Top Tips for Managing your Mental Health as a Creative Freelancer

Working as a freelancer within music and other creative industries can often be a faced-paced, stressful and sometimes lonely profession. Managing your mental health, especially in freelance communities, is vital to ensure you are in the best mindset for achieving your professional and personal goals. Get The Basics Right: Eat well, exercise and get a […]