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Mae Muller - I Don't Want Your Money - Lyric Video

Capitol / Universal Music

May 15 2020

The lyric video for Mae Muller’s single "I Don’t Want Your Money" is directly inspired by the artwork for the track. Grainy, cloudy textures are combined with red and yellow tones, giving the whole campaign a cohesive feel. The lyrics appear in a range of dynamic styles that reflect the mood of the song, with various visual references to money. Clouds flow and breeze through the background with a similar flickering grain as seen in the artwork itself.

Tobias responded to the requests from Capitol, Universal Music, and Mae Muller to incorporate mirror/kaleidoscope effects and include a subtle 80s/90s feel with grain and light ‘twinkles,’ as seen on Mae’s earrings in the single artwork.

In 2023, we Tobias and Amy Hancok created several additional assets to accompany the release of Mae’s album “Sorry I’m Late.”